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Diagnosis Pro Icarsoft Cr Plus 2020 Multibrand, 40 Brands, Vw Seat, Skoda Audi

Diagnosis Pro Icarsoft Cr Plus 2020 Multibrand, 40 Brands, Vw Seat, Skoda Audi
Diagnosis Pro Icarsoft Cr Plus 2020 Multibrand, 40 Brands, Vw Seat, Skoda Audi
Diagnosis Pro Icarsoft Cr Plus 2020 Multibrand, 40 Brands, Vw Seat, Skoda Audi
Diagnosis Pro Icarsoft Cr Plus 2020 Multibrand, 40 Brands, Vw Seat, Skoda Audi

Diagnosis Pro Icarsoft Cr Plus 2020 Multibrand, 40 Brands, Vw Seat, Skoda Audi   Diagnosis Pro Icarsoft Cr Plus 2020 Multibrand, 40 Brands, Vw Seat, Skoda Audi

Check out my other ads. Icarsoft official dealer free upgrades and unlimited day! Multi-system professional scanner icarsoft cr more Icarsoft 2020 cr more is a fault diagnosis professional tool designed for use on more than 40 different vehicle brands by icarsoft. It not only includes all the functions of obdii / eobd, but can also communicate with key 4.

The icarsoft cr longer resets the lights on the dashboard! The trouble codes and advice on solutions quickly guide users to the root cause of trouble codes, reducing time to diagnosis and repair. Les'plus'du icarsoft cr more.

Oil Function / reset service. The tool icarsoft cr more allows you to reset the oil service lights in one click on the supported vehicles. For vehicles that require manual reset, the tool will guide you through the process.

Reset function of the brake pads. Reset the thickness LED brake pads after replacing the brake pads. This tool provides this capability on supported models.

The steering angle sensor (SAS) used to measure the steering wheel angle and the speed at which it is rotated. The signal is used primarily by the abs as part of its stability control function, but also by other systems such as the control of the level of stability and adaptive lighting. A problem with the lock signal will result in a failure of one of the systems that use the signal directly or indirectly. If the steering angle sensor (SAS) is to be replaced, many vehicles require that the new sensor is calibrated.

The tool icarsoft 2nd generation allows you to make a recalibration of the steering angle on supported models. Several car models (covering over 40 dominant models of asia, america and europe to). 4 support systems: engine, transmission, ABS and airbag. Basic diagnostic functions: read trouble codes, clear trouble codes and read the data stream.

Supports using the DTC, the display of the data stream, recording and replaying historical data. Online upgrade, you can download the latest version at any time. Supports 1996 and newer vehicles (obdii and can). Retrieves generic p0, p2, p3 and u0 with codes p1, p3 and u1 manufacturer specific - standing and waiting. Reading and erasing lights on the control engine.

Cut millet (check engine light) and resets monitors. Display DTC definitions directly on the screen.

Displaying the freeze frame data and the state i / m the availability monitor. Displaying the live pcm data stream and the test data of the oxygen sensor. Graphics, recording and replay of color data.

Resetting the oil service light. Calibrating the steering angle sensor. Retrieving vehicle information (wine, cinema and CVN). Diagnosing models with multi-obdii 16 dlc. Easy to use with metal dome keys. Resetting service and oil light. Screen 4,0 TFT LCD with 480 320 pixels. Upgrade by USB 2.0 high speed.

Display: TFT LCD 4.0, with 480 320 pixels. Operating Temperature Range: 0 + 50 ° C. Storage temperature -20 + 70 ° C. Dimension: 205mm 110mm 31mm (lxwxh).

Readiness i / m - readiness i / m indicates whether the different systems of the vehicle related emissions are operating properly and are ready for inspection and maintenance tests. Freeze frame - when a defect related to the emission occurs, the computer board records certain vehicle conditions.

This information is called data fixed. Freeze data is a snapshot of the operating conditions at the time of a defect related to emissions. Test the oxygen sensor - this option allows to retrieve and display the results of the oxygen sensor tests the latest tests from the vehicle's onboard computer. Onboard monitoring - this function can be used to read the results of the on-board diagnostic monitoring tests for components / specific systems.

Evap system testing - the test evap function lets you initiate a leak test of the vehicle evap system. Vehicle Information - displays the vehicle identification number (wine), the verification number of calibration (CVN) and other information on the tested vehicle.

User Manual on en paper. Icarsoft official dealer for France. We are the official dealers icarsoft brands and as such we draw your attention to the fact that many-ways against circulating on the market. Do not buy from a vendor that can not provide the official document attesting to the authenticity of icarsoft products he sells. Important for the choice of mode of delivery.

When you are choosing a delivery without signature or against signature, consider the following advantages and disadvantages. The parcel is handed to you against signature on your part.

It can not be deposited in your mailbox without your presence. While away from you, a notice is given to you. You must check the delivery person if it has been opened and before him see if its contents were looted. If the parcel will not succeed and has no status \It can be deposited in your mailbox without any verification on your part.

Once the position indicates that the package has the status \letters. Sending letter followed: delivery without signature.

If followed in letter delivery, the package is deposited in your mailbox. Ads with delivery in 24 hours and delivered within 48 hours. Orders placed before noon are prepared and shipped the same day. Past noon, orders are shipped the next day. The periods of 24 or 48 hours counting from the date of shipment.

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  1. brand: icarsoft <\/ li>
  2. manufacturer part number: 969790013950 <\/ li>
  3. Country of Manufacture: United States <\/ li>
  4. Manufacturer warranty: 2 years <\/ li>
  5. Compatibility: OBD2 <\/ li>
  6. MPN: 969790013950 <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Diagnosis Pro Icarsoft Cr Plus 2020 Multibrand, 40 Brands, Vw Seat, Skoda Audi   Diagnosis Pro Icarsoft Cr Plus 2020 Multibrand, 40 Brands, Vw Seat, Skoda Audi